Tuesday, July 20

Is Your Internet Dating Profile Good Enough?

Your Internet dating profile is such an important part of the online dating process! Don't take for granted the 'art' of writing an online dating profile.

It's not as simple as slopping together a few words with improper grammar and spelling errors, throwing an old pic up of a barely decipherable human face, and some boring headline.

Women are not just looking at WHAT you are saying, but also HOW you are choosing to say what you want to say. i.e. Are you writing your profile to 'one' woman or are you writing to the 'ladies'?
They are not just looking at WHAT you look like, rather HOW you choose to present yourself through pictures. i.e. Are you goofing off in your photos, or do you look more mature?

Remember, you DO have competition. Don't assume that she will fall for you, if she just gives you a chance to have a conversation, or a meet up in person.

If you don't impress with your profile for dating online right from the get go, you won't have much luck getting out of the gate.

-xo Kat

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