Wednesday, June 23

How to: Dating Online 'Cause It's Fun!

Just like anything you try for the first time, you have both feelings of excitement and apprehension.

You are looking forward to trying out something that you haven't done before, especially if this is something that you think will give you a thrill.

At the same time, you are hesitant 'cause you don't know what to expect.

When I first started the whole dating online thing, I didn't know what to expect.

I didn't even want to put a picture of myself up 'cause like with swimming you want to dip your toes in to check the temperature of the water first.

I was excited to meet people, in a way that I hadn't before. But also, I was nervous at the stigma that dating online brought.

Because I wasn't taking the concept of going on the Internet to meet guys too seriously, I was able to be more relaxed with my approach.

Had I signed-up to a matchmaking site thinking that I wanted to find a boyfriend, I don't think I would have had the courage to start out.

Usually when you lower your expectations for something that you are anticipating, the outcome is better than what would have been.

How many times have you worked yourself up in the past thinking that you would have a great night, a great trip, or whatever - only to discover that you didn't have as much fun as you had hoped for?

On the contrary, if you don't think about how much fun you will have, and just go with the flow, you usually have a way better time than you could have imagined.

Online dating works the same way.

If you go into it with an open mind, and not with an agenda, not only will you have a better experience - but you will also face less online dating rejection by women.

Usually when you are disappointed with an experience, it's because you had somewhat of an agenda already made-up in your mind.

So hey -

No expectations, no stigma, all fun,


-xo Kat

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