Friday, June 18

3 Steps to Asking Her Out Online

If you've been chatting it up with a woman online, it may be time to ask her out for that anticipatory dating online first date. After all, you're probably not just looking for online pen pals.

However, knowing the RIGHT time for when to ask out a woman from online dating is crucial. Do it too SOON or in the wrong WAY, and you won't get your chance to meet her.

There are NO shortcuts when it comes to asking a woman out from online dating. You must execute every step or you'll be stuck at a dead end.

If it sounds like you only get one chance to ask her out, often times that's all she'll give you!

To meet a woman in person that you met online, follow these 3 steps to get her to agree to a dating online first date:

1. Get Her Attention

This seems obvious, and that's because it is.

You have to start-up a conversation with a woman first. Even if she was the one that messaged you first, she will probably wait for you to ask her out.

Sure there are many women that ask a guy out first. But the women that are truly desirable, they don't need to ask men out. Nor do they want to.

To get these types of women that other men want, you have to get her attention.

This is why you have to have an awesome profile and kill it with your first message, and subsequent ones!

2. Build Trust and Rapport

Women know that there are many creeps online. It only takes one negative experience with a weirdo to get their guard up. In this sense, you have to reassure her that you're just a normal, nice guy.

Coming out and saying you're NOT crazy sort of raises red-flags. It's because she will wonder why you thought to say that. It's best to avoid stating things in a negative way, and to highlight your strengths instead.

Treat her like you would one of your girl friends. Act like a gentleman and she will know she can trust you. Develop rapport over some good conversation.

Knowing how to attract and chat with women online, will not only have you talking to tons of women, but they will also agree to meet with you!

3. Move Things Offline Smoothly

There's nothing worst than the smell of desperation. And women can smell this from a mile away. No one likes someone that is over-eager.

Take things at a smooth place. Let her believe you're a desirable guy and not just waiting for the FIRST person that comes along and takes an interest in you.

This is why not rushing into asking her out is so important. But you don't want to wait too long either, otherwise she will think you're not interested enough.

She also wants to feel special, and not like she's just some girl on a list. You won't know what is unique about her, unless you chat with her.
You have to give her the impression that there is something about HER, that is making you want to get to know her more. And not that she is a living and breathing pulse.

You have to get a feel for the right time to ask her to go from online to offline. With experience, this will come to you more naturally.

If you follow these 3 steps for when to ask women online out on a date, you will be in a MUCH better position to get them to say YES to meeting you.

After all, isn't the whole excitement about online dating, the chance to meet NEW and COOL women that you normally wouldn't get to meet in your day-to-day?

Get out there!

-xo Kat

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