Saturday, May 29

3 Tips for Attracting Women Online

It is so important when creating a dating profile for Internet matchmaking sites that you do not fib. What's the point?

Don't think you can wine and dine the woman you are taking out, and that she won't notice that you are actually 5 years older, 4 inches shorter, and 10 pounds bigger than your profile stated!

Women do it too, don't get me wrong, usually with their weight.

How would you feel if you met someone whose pictures were a little deceiving, or they even s-t-r-e-t-c-h-e-d the truth just a little?

Would you 'fall' for her in person, ignoring the fact that she held back something of importance? Or would you feel sort of deceived, and wonder what else she was not being truthful about?

You see, you lose more than you gain (pun not intended) when you aren't honest with someone from the get go.

Trust is very important to women, and if you start off with a little lie or lie by omission, they will wonder what else you have up your sleeve.

Not to mention, people like confidence and when you fib, you show that you're not comfortable enough with who you are.

You don't want to meet someone that you have interest in, only to find out that had you been honest with her in the first place, she would have given you a shot!

Least of all be called a jerk!

I was chatting it up with one guy that was actually 4 years older than his stated age.

But what bothered me more is that he never brought it up!

I only knew that he was older than what he stated 'cause I recognized him from the same site a couple of years earlier!

Let's just say he was embarrassed when I called him on it, and I was turned off that he wasn't confident enough to be straight-up.

I asked him why he went about online dating that way and he said exactly what I thought - he was trying to appeal to younger women.

I totally understand, but we didn't end up going through with our date. No, thanks.

Another guy I went on a date with ended up being shorter than the height stated in his profile - we're talking like 3 inches! I mean I was literally towering over him in heels. Sheesh!

The moral of the story is:

1) Have an honest profile - The write-up and the pictures.

2) If you fib a LITTLE in your profile, at least let her know the truth soon into the conversation - Before you meet in person is better.

2) Be opened minded in your search criteria - You never know who you could meet.

I came across an article stating 8 or 9 out of 10 people lie in their profile for dating online!

As I mentioned, typically men exaggerate their height and women under-report their weight.

It's supposedly subtle differences that you wouldn't notice in-person.

But heck, I notice!

What do you think? Is it okay to lie on your profile for dating online? What is acceptable? What isn't?

-xo Kat

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