Tuesday, May 11

How NOT to Deal with Online Dating Rejection

I don't know about you guys, but if you're anything like me...rejection just plain sucks!

Getting rejected by women when online dating kind of gets to your ego, 'cause it's not like they even REALLY know who you are.

They don't know how you are around your family, friends, colleagues, neighbors, etc.

And you KNOW this, but you can't help but let the sting get to your ego.

Sound familiar?

Then dealing with rejection from women when online dating has you hold back, when you shouldn't even let it get to you!

I was recently messaging back and forth with some guy online.

Things were going well with conversation, so I decided to add him to my Facebook.

I don't like to add people from online dating onto Facebook, and that is just my own personal choice.

So with this one guy, I guess I was feeling risque, lol, by adding him.

As I checked out his profile on there, I noticed that I wasn't as interested as I thought I would be.

I recognized a girl that I saw on the online dating site we both use (yes, I sometimes check out women's profiles, out of curiousity!), and was thinking, Woah! If he added her, then we're definitely not a match. Her personality and mine are miles apart.

Not to mention, I wasn't into his style of conversation with others. As I checked out his 'wall', I wasn't too impressed with how he talks 'cool'. Not my thing.

Sooo, because I realized I wouldn't be interested in him, I decided to take him off as a Facebook 'friend'.

I didn't get a chance to message him about it, before he sent me a message saying he noticed. I then go to send a message to explain and found out he had blocked me.

Well, to make a bit longer of a story shorter - let's just say, this guy took the meaning 'crazy' to a whole new level. ;)

He just could NOT handle the rejection.

Basically, he came up with a really LOW type of insult. He kept messaging me insults, and even when I blocked him, he created a new account online JUST so he could bash me!

And the weird part about it is that he was trying to add me back on as a 'friend'. How does somebody put you down, and still want to know you? Weird.

Anyways, he finally went away.

Phew. lol

-xo Kat

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