Wednesday, February 10

Online Dating Tip for Valentine's Day

It's only 4 more days until Valentine's Day. But who's counting?

Traditionally, it seems like a bigger deal for the ladies to be out with someone special on this romanticized day of the year. However, you can't say, as a guy, that it isn't nice being with a woman on Valentine's as well.

I'm sure you would agree that you would rather be around femininity than a sweaty dude. You'd probably want to be around perfume than have to smell your own cologne.
What I am here to tell you is that all hope is not lost if you don't already have plans for this Valentine's day!

Don't worry about looking like a fool by asking a girl out online at the 'last minute'. As long as you don't come across as desperate, or feeling sorry for yourself, she'll probably take you up on your offer!

Like yourself, she would rather have last minute plans than no plans at all.

Put no pressure on it or no expectations and surely, you both will have a good time.
And if you don't end up having a date on Valentine's, don't fret. - You still have another 364 more to impress! ;) 

-xo Kat

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