Tuesday, February 9

Welcome To Online Dating Help For Men Blog

Welcome to my How to: Online Dating Help for Men Blog in which I seek to help men with how to: dating online. I provide advice and tips on online dating for men from a WOMAN. :) Stay a while whether you are old-school to dating online or haven’t even tried it yet.

Having gone from a complete refusal to meeting somebody over the Internet, to writing and re-writing an online profile, to going on many dates with virtual strangers, to finding a long-term relationship..(twice)…I do believe that dating online is a great avenue for narrowing down your search for dating and relationships.

So-called success with online dating didn’t come easy. I had to go through many of my own trials and tribulations. For instance, what was the person contacting me REALLY wanting? Are those pictures recent? Have they been genuine so far? Are they going to be the same way in person as they were over the Internet?

It was sooo different going dating online than it was for me to simply smile away in the bar chatting with my girlfriends. When I’m out it’s never my style to go up to men. I don’t even make eye-contact. That’s just me and that’s how I’ve always been.

So now that I’m online, the guys can’t SEE me ’cause I have no picture up. I contact them. But then this got me wondering if that’s what they want. I know they would want to contact me first, but how can they sift through all those pictures and find my picture-less profile.

I contacted guys and what did I know – It worked! Now you may think I’m being silly or playing games. Neither of those. I’m very genuine. All it is is that I’m a bit old-fashioned.

But eventually when I became more comfortable dating online and was getting ‘used to it’, I put my picture up. Then I put more up. What I did notice this time around though is that when I contacted the guys FIRST, I did NOT receive the same warm and happy replies like I did when they didn’t have a picture of me.

Okay, so now I was confused.

I wasn’t about to give up though. The whole experience of dating online was so NEW and I was enjoying this new challenge.

I just knew that I needed to be honest with myself, with who I AM. I decided just to step back a little and do what works for me.

I felt most comfortable having the guys find me ‘first’ and message me ‘first’. This worked more for my personality-type anyway.

However, I did have to be enticing with my user name, headline, profile and pictures, while at the same time being TRUE to who it is I was and how I wanted to portray myself.

As long as I was being honest with myself with what I was LOOKING for with dating online and WHO I wanted to meet, I knew that dating online would be another fun experience for me.

And it was...and is! :)

-xo Kat

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