Tuesday, February 16

Avoid THIS Mistake with Your Online Dating Messages

Hey guys,

Promise me, you'll never do this with your dating online emails! I can't tell you how annoyed I am when *this happens* and it happens all too regularly. It's such a crucial mistake - One where you lose a lot of women this way.

It's seemingly becoming all too common on dating online sites. If you're lazy online then you won't have as much, if any, luck with women, compared to if you put in the time and effort.

Promise me something...

That you won't do this with your online dating emails any longer.

It's the copy-and-paste message epidemic that's going around. It's reaching critical mass. Not only are guys using the template approach, they are becoming much more sneaky with it. Pretending to personalize it when they're really NOT. And it's obvious.

The copy-and-paste, lazy-man approach may work for you, but then when that time is right and there's that perfect '10' woman that you want to connect with....ya, let's just say, you don't want to mess that one up.

Think about how special (or not) I feel to get an email that is obviously a-one-size-fits-all message. There's me with my looong profile and I get a half-ass message. It doesn't even count as an email at all. It's frankly spam.

It gets worse. The template message is so short that there isn't even any punctuation in it! ;)~ Not only that, it's asking me ('cause clearly the guy is not!) to go for coffee.

Funny, I think, didn't it JUST say on my profile that I've NEVER had a coffee in my life, so we probably wouldn't do that for a first date!

Well, if spammy-message-man bothered to read my profile and knew at least basic English, he wouldn't be blushing this very instant. He also wouldn't have received a "direct" message from me stating what I just said here.

But it gets worse, yes, A LOT worse.

I get a message back, with complete disregard for my pointing out that my profile wasn't read, asking me something irrelevant - I Read Delete.

I then, believe it or not, had to give my same response to another guy who did the same thing!! Yes, he asked me out for coffee when I said I've never had coffee in my life on my profile! (I know what a few of you smart-ass ones are thinking - maybe he just meant a drink, a juice, a chat, a kumbaya dance, whatever - but nope. I can read between the lines, and this was easy 'cause there weren't any! And frankly, I know what's up. Hey, I created this blog for you, didn't I? ;)

This is the mistake I don't want you to make! Please save other women the frustration I went through with these online dating messages.

If you are writing her, clearly you want a response back! Well, stop losing the ladies over a lame copy-and-paste message and write a great online dating message.

Personalize it!

It shows you care. It shows respect. Heck, it makes you look like you give two-cents, even if you only give one, or none.

If anything, it's worth doing, if just so you don't look like a fool.

So....READ the profile. :)

-xo Kat

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