Tuesday, March 30

Online Dating Meeting?

I find it kind of amusing when guys call a first date from online dating a "meeting".

It sounds more business when it's called a "meeting". Like calling it a date would mean you're that much closer to the alter. Essentially, a date simply means getting to know someone new! As long as you think of it that way, no pressure!

Perhaps calling the first date a "meeting" eases any pressure, or takes off some expectations. The funny thing is it's mainly guys that call it that. Ha. Women prefer dates. I know I do.

Regardless if you call it a date or a meeting, you do want to get a sense of what the woman is "looking for" before you meet her in person.

You should both be clear about your intentions before you meet up, so that way you avoid any disappointment around expectations on your meeting..I mean date.

Relax and have fun!

-xo Kat

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