Thursday, March 18

Get Women Online with This Secret Tip

Do you feel frustrated when you send off messages to women and they don't get back to you? Do you feel even worse when they delete your first message?

You will want to avoid the types of online dating messages that will not work for the ladies, and will make you more frustrated to boot.

It can be tough on the ego when all you feel is rejection after rejection of your messages. You assume that she isn't attracted to you, or you're just not her type in some way.

But does it occur to you that it is the WAY you approached her to begin with that ultimately turned her off?

Yes, you could be attractive, charming, have a great write-up, many interests...and still wonder why you aren't drawing the women in.

Either you think that it is HER problem that she's not replying back to your message, or you clued in that perhaps it is your message to her that isn't coming across so well.

Maybe you know that your approach isn't quite working, but you're not quite sure what to do about it. Especially, when you sometimes get responses.

But how does it feel to come across a woman that you are REALLY interested in and you lose out again? Perhaps it's time to figure out what it is that isn't working so effectively to get women to reply back.

You just know that they would take a liking to you, if the women would just give you a CHANCE. Ah-hah, my friend, you have to EARN this. ;)

Simply the act of sending her a message is NOT good enough. It may be for YOU when a woman sends you a first message. You may not care so much what is in the message, but the fact that she wrote you FIRST is what matters. 

Women work differently (surprise, surprise ;). A woman won't give you WHAT you want, until you give her what it is she NEEDS. She wants to feel that you NOTICED her DIFFERENTLY than you did any other woman online.

SO how do you do this? You pay attention to her whole profile and then you write something you haven't written to the other ladies. This means not being dull and generic. What this means is being creative and witty. Personalizing your approach will do a lot to improve your online dating success. Try it.

-xo Kat

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