Wednesday, April 14

Top Internet Dating Sites - What's the Catch?

A friend forwarded an article to me that was recently published pertaining to people 'crashing' matchmaker sites. On general dating sites, it happens all the time where people tend to put their best foot forward and not really represent their true selves.

For instance, I went on dates with guys that were quite shorter than their stated height, and I even discounted my added heel height.

Women supposedly tend to not be so truthful about their weight.

However, when it comes to niche matchmaking sites where all the members are supposed to own up to the same criteria, it's becoming common that 'crashers' are joining.

For instance, an online Jewish dating site is for well, you guessed it, Jewish folks.

There are people that have signed up to that site that aren't even Jewish, yet the assumption would be that they are Jewish.

You would think a matchmaking online service for single parents would simply have members sign-up that were indeed - parents.

However, there are people that sign-up on a single parent dating website that don't even have children. Instead, they post pictures of themselves up with their nieces and nephews, for instance.

Even a site targeting affluent men and the ladies looking for that lifestyle doesn't mean that all the men on there are made of dough.

So what is the motive for people to 'pretend' to be someone they're not?

It could be that they think the criteria is not all that important to others, or they are selfish and want what works for them.

Regardless of the reason, 'faking it' can only work for so long.

I always think integrity is best. Besides, what if you set off on the 'wrong foot' and find that you are really into a woman, only to have her want nothing to do with you once she finds out the truth - which as the examples in the article show - is only a matter of time.

Let me know what you think. Is it fine to join any matchmaking site, or should you fit the specific criteria?

-xo Kat

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