Thursday, March 25

Online Dating First Date Advice

So there I am out with a girlfriend downtown the other night when this guy walks up to us. My online dating first meeting with this particular fellow goes like this...

I recognized him right away, as I'm pretty good with faces. The thing is I'm not quick to process how I know him or where I know him from.

Of course my thoughts are processing that information all in a nanosecond, at the same time he says hi. He has a questioning and inquisitive look on him, and as soon as he said my name - I knew who he was.

He remembered my online name and called me by that. I don't like to give out my real name too much.

I laughed embarrassingly (not so much 'cause I was online dating, but that he saw me in the 'real world' accidentally!). He caught me off guard, of course.

I then said, "Oh ya, You're _____". My mind went blank! Ha ha. I did recognize him from the online dating site we're both from, but of course I couldn't remember his name.

Not a second later, he walked off 'cause he was interrupted.

A week earlier, he had messaged me a couple of times. I responded 'cause he sends the sweetest messages. I'm not sure if he recognized me from the site from a couple of years back when I was online at that time - but he was sweet then too.

He's just not my type. I wish him every success with finding someone suitable, since he's so nice. I do like nice guys!

My friend and I ended up walking by him again, randomly. I could tell he was trying to get my attention, and he had his cell in his hand sort of motioning with it. I just acted like I didn't see him. I didn't want to give him the impression I was interested when I wasn't.

He ended up messaging me again on the site. He was still as sweet as ever, luckily. It means he didn't take me for some snob, which wasn't my intention at all!

I was surprised he recognized me in person. I thought it was cool though. If I were interested in him, wouldn't that have been great to have run into him. Heck, I probably would have even invited him to join me and my girlfriend! Why not? Spontaneity can be fun.

It just goes to show an online dating first meeting can be either random or planned. And it can work in your favor..sometimes. Just think if we were meant to be..we would have connected offline by chance.

My advice to you is if you see someone you recognize, whether from online or the real world, say HELLO. You never know where it might lead, or at least let you know you need to focus on someone else now.


-xo Kat 

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